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Welcome to my UX Play Page!

This page is focused on growth and fun. As a UX designer, I aim to continually learn about the latest trends and give back to the community by volunteering for various non-profit organizations. This is my way of continuing to grow as a designer.

Road & Trails

Road & Trails is an online bike shop that is struggling to make users move forward from the landing page to the shopping.


- 50% of users open on average 7 item pages and then abandon the site without moving any items into the cart.


- 70% of users are not purchasing the item after placing it in the cart.


In order to fix these issues, they needed a new design to help users decide which bike to buy as well as to motivate users to checkout using guest checkout feature.

Course Creator Laptop iphone mockup instagram post.png

House 2 Home

House 2 home has found through surveys that many of their customers moved into a new home or an apartment. These users want to buy many items to decorate their homes but LACK THE confidence of doing it on their own.



House 2 Home wants to offer a starter kit that can help these customers feel confident about their purchase.

Research Presentation of Examining the Relevance of HubSpot for ClinIntell

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